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A Bit of Background

We (Tom & Ian) have been involved with Russian Black Terriers in the UK for over 20 years. Tom has served in various posts on the committee of the RBT club in the UK. As a kennel we have imported dogs from all over the world including Russia, USA, Germany, and the Netherlands. Over the years we have owned, loved, shown, and bred Rottweilers, Chinese Crested, and partly owned a Boxer (Charlie ran off with a friend).

We used to be known as Tomain but due to a banking error sadly we were unable to reclaim this from the UK Kennel club. Tomain being an anagram of our names, Omiant is just Tomain jumbled up a little.

Tom has experience judging the Russian black terrier in the UK at Breed club show, general open show and general Championship show level. Tom has groomed dogs in both the UK and USA, presented Russian Black Terrier breed grooming for both the show ring and pet trims at seminars and produced a basic grooming guide for new owners.

Our dogs compete at general championship and open dog shows in the UK including Crufts, as well as several European countries. 2022 saw a return to 'Dogdom' after a considerable break.

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