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Ya Namaste Tara's Sarja for Omiant (Imp DEU)

Junior Titles:
Int. JCh, JCh LUX., JCh AUT, JCh CHE, Junior Wels Winner '22, Junior Winter Winner '22, Junior Christmas Winner '22, Ambiorix Junior Winner '23

Pictured here at 22 months old taking Working group 3 at Three Counties Championship show '23. Picture courtesy of Mark Powell

Eddie: Welcome

About Eddie

Eddie's health results

Hips: 4/3 = 7 BVA (FCI: A2 using OFA conversion chart)

Elbows: 0/0

HUU: N/N Clear

JLPP: N/N  Clear

DM: N/N Clear

prcd PRA: N/PRA Carrier

Eyes: BVA Clear (Proff. Bedford)

We use Laboklin UK for our DNA testing

Genetic traits

Dominant Black: two copies

Long hair (Variant 1): two copies

Furnishings: two copies

Reduced shedding: one copy

Extra toes (hind dewclaws): one copy

Back muscle & bulk (ACSL4): one copies

Tested by Wisdom Panel

Eddie's parents

Sire: Int.Ch, Club.Ch, J.Club.Ch, Grand Slo.Ch, Hrv.Ch, BH

Dam: Ch Mont

 HD-A1, ED-0/0, HUU-N/HU, JLPP-N/N

Eddie: About Us

"Impressive male in excellent coat for his age (10 months), with good bone and substance. Well balanced head with strong muzzle, tight lips and well shaped eyes. Strong arched neck, running into well laid shoulders, defined withers, correct topline and tailset, and well let down hocks. moves with good reach and drive keeping his nice topline.. definitely one to watch in the future. Best Of Breed and Best Puppy, Adult Group 3"

Ann Ingram - Windsor Ch Show '22

"Impressive youngster with plenty of bone and substance. Typey head with broad skull, neat ears and dark eyes. Firm in neck leading to good shoulders and strong well boned front. Well-muscled rear and correct tail-carriage. Sound on the move. Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy"

Dave Killilea - Blackpool Ch show '22

"An impressive youngster, almost square in stance with a sound temperament who appealed for his size and bone, head is of good proportions with flat skull and strong muzzle, eyes are clean and dark, good length of neck which flows cleanly into a firm topline, forelegs straight and well boned, chest deep enough for age with muscular hindquarters and a good bend of stifle, such a sound mover and covering the ground with ease. He was presented to perfection and I found him to be the perfect showman. Thrilled to see him gain a place in such a lovely puppy group, congratulations"

Bridgette Bodle - East of England '22

Eddie: Testimonials
Eddie: Pro Gallery
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