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Grooming the RBT

A complete guide to the grooming needs of your Russian Black Terrier

In this book I present my interpretation of the grooming required for the Russian Black Terrier. the book covers all the things that you will need to know to present your Russian Black Terrier in the show ring, or to just look after the coat of your family pet.

In this glossy 60 page spiral bound book I show every aspect of grooming your RBT from brushing through to scissoring the coat. I offer insight into the correct products to use, and where to get them. With detailed drawings and lots of photographs this guide gives you all the information you need to start grooming your RBT.

One thing is for certain, grooming is not an option.

The book is available for purchase priced at £30, if you would like to order your copy, get in touch. Free UK postage. Litter deals are available to breeders, this will be as easy way to ensure your new owners have the information that they need.

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