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Zoja Black Legion for Omiant    (Imp Pol)

Lily - Pictured at 15 weeks

Lily: Welcome

About Lily

Lily's health results

Hips: 3:2 = 5 (FCI A converted)

Elbows: 0

Scored by ANKC

HUU:  N/N Clear

JLPP:  N/N Clear


pcrdPRA: Clear


We use Laboklin UK for our DNA testing

Genetic traits

Dominant Black: two copies

Long hair (Variant 1): two copies

Furnishings: one copy

Reduced shedding: two copies

Back muscle & bulk (ACSL4): one copy

Tested by Wisdom Panel

Lily's parents

Sire: Int.Ch, Hun.Ch, Lt.Ch, Lv.Ch, Pol.Ch, Svk.Ch, J.Pol.Ch Neron Black Legion HD-A/A, ED-0/0, HUU-N/N, JLPP-N/N

Dam: Pol. Ch Luna Black Legion, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, HUU-N/N, JLPP-N/N

Lily: About Us

Awaiting critiques

Coming soon

Awaiting critiques

Coming soon

Awaiting critiques

Coming soon

Lily: Testimonials
Lily: Pro Gallery
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