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Benchmark Tara's Sarja for Omiant (Imp DEU)

Pictured here at 8 months

Bob: Welcome

About Bob

Bob's health results

Hips: 2:2=4 (FCI A1 Converted)

Elbows: 0

Scored by ANKC

HUU: N/N Clear

JLPP: N/N  Clear

DM: N/N Clear

prcd PRA: N/PRA Carrier


We use Laboklin UK for our DNA testing

Genetic traits

Dominant Black: one copy

Tan points: two copies

Long hair (Variant 1): two copies

Furnishings: two copies

Reduced shedding: two copies

Extra toes (hind dewclaws): no copies

Back muscle & bulk (ACSL4): two copies

Tested by Wisdom Panel

Bob's parents

Sire: WW 2022 BOB, res.WW '21, 2 x EuW 2022 BOB, 2023 BOB , Int.Ch, Club.Ch, Grand.Hun.Ch, BiH.Ch, Hun.Ch, Rom.Ch, Slo.Ch, Spa.Ch, J.Hun.Ch, J.Rom.Ch


Dam: Int.Ch, Den.Ch, KFT Ch., Lux.Ch, Mon.Ch, VDH.Ch, Bundessiger(in) Austria

 HD-A1, ED-0/0, HUU-N/HU, JLPP-N/N

Bob: About Us

Benchmark Tara’s Sarja (Imp Deu) What a lovely 6mth fella. Obviously extremely raw, but you can see what he has and what will hopefully come. I liked his headpiece, already a good skull and muzzle of good width which already displays masculinity, lovely length of neck onto a level topline flowing onto a good croup. Nice angles in front and although loose stood straight in front, rear angles are equally as good with a pleasing bend to stifle. Moved sound in all directions although a little close when moving away due to age, however his side gait was lovely. Awarded BP and was so pleased to see him take Working Puppy Group 1

Andrea Maltas
Bedford & DCS

Benchmark Tara’s Sarja (IMP DEU). 6 month old Russian Black Terrier male. Loved his outline and shape. Already developing nicely. Nice head and good muscle throughout. Beautiful movement.

Mark Elliot
Bedford & DCS Working Puppy Group

Awaiting critques

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