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Zariza Nochi Tara's Sarja for Omiant    (Imp DEU)

Ethel - Pictured at 8 1/2 months

Ethel: Welcome

About Ethel

Ethel's health results



HUU:  N/N Clear

JLPP:  N/N Clear

DM:  N/N Clear

pcrdPRA: N/N Clear

Eyes: BVA

We use Laboklin UK for our DNA testing

Genetic traits

Dominant Black: two copies

Long hair (Variant 1): two copies

Furnishings: two copies

Reduced shedding: 2 copy

Back muscle & bulk (ACLS4): 2 copies

Tested by Wisdom Panel

Ethel's parents

Sire: Int.Ch, Club.Ch, J.Club.Ch, Grand Slo.Ch, Hrv.Ch, BH ZHARKIY OGON S ZOLOTOGO GRADA HD-A/A, ED-0/0, HUU-N/N, JLPP-N/N

Dam: Int.Ch, Bel.Ch, Den.Ch, KFT Ch., Lux.Ch, BH
17/3509, HD-A2, ED-0/0, HUU-N/N, JLPP-N/N

Ethel: About Us

Zariza Nochi Tara’s Sarja for Omiant (Imp Deu) Very promising 8 month old that is mature beyond her time and so well prepared for the ring not only in condition but in schooling as well. Strong head without being overdone nor losing her feminine charm and appearance. Well toned and angulated in forehand with corresponding quarters she just had to move as freely and soundly as she did. Well ribbed up, firm in topline and muscular in back. Surely a future star from today’s showing. BPIB

Richard Kinsey - Manchester Ch Show '23

Awaiting critiques

Coming soon

Awaiting critiques

Coming soon

Ethel: Testimonials
Ethel: Pro Gallery
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